A non-custodial API for interacting with blockchains.

Built for developers.

Programmatically manage your wallets on any blockchain.

Support more blockchains

Add 15+ blockchains to your business out of the box.

Complex onchain interactions

Grow your product lines with staking, governance, and smart contracts.

Keeps you in control

We never use secret keys – we only interact with public key material.

Automate workflows

Use SDKs to programmatically execute onchain operations.

Easy integration

Plug walletOS into your system in 3 steps or less.

Transact Securely

Write directly to the blockchain and know exactly what you’re signing.

walletOS saves you time and money while growing your business

With 100+ layer 1 blockchains, 13k+ assets, and 4k+ dApps, the cost to manage every network and transaction is considerable.

You need to move faster and safer in a multichain world.

Simple Pricing

We do not meter walletOS on usage, seats, or networks accessed. We charge a simple flat monthly fee.

More Networks, Faster

Leverage walletOS' existing applications or use our simple SDKs to add quickly add different blockchains and transactions.

Continued Support

We track all supported networks for upgrades and releases so you can continue your business with ease of mind.

Easily Customizable

Whether you’re looking to bolster your existing infrastructure or building it from scratch, walletOS is easily tailored for your needs.

Security First Approach

Never touches secret keys

Stay in control

Transaction integrity

walletOS never touches secret keys; our software only interacts with public key material.
Our system makes it impossible for walletOS to unilaterally transfer funds or initiate flow of funds.
walletOS makes any tampering immediately evident with message integrity built into the product. We provide clients with actionable logging to help identify what is happening at all times.

Security isolation

Verifiable builds

Sane API

walletOS employs the principles of least privilege and privilege separation for each component in the system.
All walletOS components are deterministically built and come with a clearly communicated supply chain so you have a full understanding of the software you’re running.
Easily understand your flow of funds and mitigate against mistakes with built in checks for invalid transaction inputs.

Want to learn more?

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