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Custodians and Exchanges

Support more networks

Grow your assets under custody by moving faster to support new networks and assets. As more crypto networks and assets come to market, walletOS provides your business with the tools to be a first mover for any given network.

Expand product lines

As custody and trading fees compress, exchanges and custodians need to expand other product lines. walletOS gives you the tools to participate onchain and release new staking, DeFi, NFT, governance, airdrop, and bridging products.

Save engineering resources

There is immense financial and opportunity cost to having your engineering team build and manage wallet tooling to support new networks, new transactions, and facilitate network upgrades. Use walletOS to abstract this work and free your engineering team to work on higher leverage items.

Node as a Service Operators

Improve operational excellence

Programatically seed multiple nodes, restake, unbond, vote on proposals, and anything else you need to manage your nodes with a single API.

Grow your market

Make it easy for your partners to construct and broadcast staking and delegation transactions so they can use your infrastructure to run nodes. This is especially useful for long tail assets where there is a lack of wallet support.

Securely manage your revenue

Easily generate multisig addresses on multiple networks to ensure that your business’s assets are secure and accessible.


Instant feature parity

Allocate your engineering resources to other parts of your application and leapfrog the market by supporting the same onchain interactions as your competitors with a single API integration.

Go multichain faster

Instantly support 10+ blockchains and leverage walletOS SDKs to be the first wallet to market on a new network.

Harden user security

Never rely on a frontend for transaction construction again – show your users exactly what they’re signing and write directly to the blockchain.

Governance Platforms

More DAOs and ecosystems

Don’t let integration work get in the way of your product roadmap; quickly support any governance contract on any blockchain to make it easy for your users to participate in their favorite DAOs.

More Governance Data

Get the data you need to provide your users with relevant information for a given proposal. Combine accessible data with event subscriptions to introduce governance notifications to your users so they never miss an important proposal again.

Form DAO Multisig Committees

Make it dead simple for your users to form multisig addresses for governance boards and committees right from your application.

Traders and Lenders

Move faster and safer

Access new markets faster than your competition by using walletOS to easily and quickly leverage any DeFi or NFT application on any crypto network.

Develop and automate proprietary strategies

Whether you’re executing arbitrage, MEV, cash and carry, or something completely new, use walletOS to easily execute your trading strategies. Automate all onchain interactions with API calls and remove humans from the equation.

Track Performance in real time

Know exactly where your onchain positions stand in real time. Set custom alerts so your team can always remain a step ahead of the market.

Investment Funds

Support your portfolio

Investing in crypto increasingly requires operating onchain to support the networks you’ve invested in. Distinguish the value you add by easily participating in consensus, supplying liquidity, being a keeper, and providing product feedback for your entire portfolio.

Onchain Opportunities

Never miss an NFT mint, airdrop, or any other token distribution event
happening onchain again. walletOS gives your firm a competitive edge by
making it easy to access opportunities that only exist onchain.

Manage your long tail assets

walletOS gives you the tools to develop an institutional grade self custody option for long tail assets that are not supported by your custodial partners.

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