A plug and play solution that helps your business access the blockchains and applications you need
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Support More Networks

Instantly access 10+ networks with walletOS. If you want to support something that has not yet been added to walletOS, use our SDKs to easily add the networks and onchain functionality you need.

Automate Workflows

Managing onchain operations is expensive, time consuming, and error prone. walletOS replaces the humans and manual processes with programmatic API calls to quickly and securely facilitate network participation.

Custom Onchain Interactions

Want to grow your business with cutting edge use cases like staking, DeFi, NFTs, governance, or MEV? walletOS makes it fast, easy, and secure to transact in any way that your business requires.

Transact with Confidence

Know exactly what you’re signing and write directly to the blockchain with walletOS.

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walletOS Components


Package Manager

A single interface to access walletOS
A registry of applications compliant with walletOS.



Composable applications that provide the tooling to access the blockchains and transactions you need.
Defined frameworks for easily and quickly creating applications to extend the functionality of your wallets.

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